Core Objects for Plastic & Rubber Machines | NAN YUN



Do you know SCREWS and BARRELS? Those are dispensable parts to injection molding machines, extruders and relevant machines in the plastic and rubber industry.

Nan Yun Industrial Co., LTD., an expert who specializes in designing and manufacturing a full range of screws and barrels. With more than 30 years of experience, Nan Yun’s team provides customization services to meet customer’s special applications.

By interviewing Mr. Kuo-Feng Huang, Assistant Manager of ST Dept., we also discussed an important engineering technology concept “Reverse Engineering” and how Nan Yun applied it into their business.

Moreover, after-sales service is one of Nan Yun’s values. By Gathering feedback and reviewing consultation forms in past years, they could provide accurate solutions to their customers.

【Video Outline】
00:00 - Introduction
00:45 - The role of Nan Yun
01:22 - The specialty of Nan Yun
03:03 - Service during the pandemic
03:37 - Solutions to customer’s problems
04:25 - Future plans and messages to customers
05:23 - Closing