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Regardless of the metal stamping production line or the injection molding production line, mold changing s often one of the most time-consuming procedure, and a lot of intangible waste is also generated during mold changing. In addition, in traditional mold changing process, which must rely on the master’s experience to set molds and adjust molds. However, this technical work has been gradually lost. The younger generation of employees are less willing to engage in mold changing work because this job is relatively dangerous and tired.
Laminated film is an excellent application for packaging food like coffee, snacks, cookies, nuts (peanuts, pistachio, almonds), and others. It is ideal for packaging because laminated films have protection from humidity, oxygen, aromas, fats, and light. All these factors decompose or reduce the lifetime of the packaged product. For this reason, the protective barrier is the most important element in the laminated film, which is composed of PE (LDPE), BOPP, PET, and others.
HL release paper industry has been in business for more than 35 years. It has had five production lines in Taiwan and Zhuhai Industrial Zone in Mainland China. With the concept of sustainable operation, it implements green product policies, sets up a toluene recovery device, and converts heavy oil to natural gas for improving resource usage. Products have passed SGS testing and certification.
HSIN LONG, one of the leading manufacturers of Blown Film Die Head Industry, has been forging its outstanding reputation for over 50 years. HSIN LONG took advantage of the great potential they had by expanding their machinery with a complete Blown Film Die Head production line with layers up to 11 layers and diameter reach 1.5 meter...
PLASCO is an Industry leader in design, manufacture, and supply of innovative plastic extrusion line to the market worldwide. Our performance spectrum range from individual extruder machine, to the engineering, planning, and delivery of complete turn-key factories. We offer our customer our specialty knowhow in the field of plastic extrusion, our innovations and engineering background is our core competence to provide customized solution and has driven us success for more than 30 years.
BoReTech is a professional total solution supplier for plastics recycling. We focus on PET bottle recycling machine research and development in the past 20 years. BoReTech plastic recycling machines are sold to over 30 countries and more than 3,600,000 tons of recycled plastic is are produced by the BoReTech machine annually.
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The increase in plastic raw material prices has made many manufacturers uncover the need for recycled materials. Many plastic product manufacturers tend to enhance their in house recycling facilities, and many more are looking for feasible solutions to recycle plastic scraps to include in the manufacturing process. Nowadays, one of the most common materials that have been recycled globally is scrap films including post industrial or in house scrap films, agricultural films, greenhouse films, plastic woven bags and plastic woven fabrics.
When wages are high and operators are hard to find, manufacturing owners naturally think about planning in the direction of reducing manpower and automating the process. However, in the process of pursuing automation, there are occasional cases of failure among TKC’s customers. Hereby, we sort out the factors and share the reflections of the owners of vertical injection machines before pursuing automation.
HASTELLOY® C276 (UNS N10276, hereinafter referred to as C276) is one of alloy to be well against high corrosive chemical, such as Chloride gas、Hypochlorite、Chlorine dioxide, special to Oxidizing salt solution (such like Ferric Chloride and Copper chloride), C276 is with excellent tolerance, currently, C276 is recognized as the best alloy for anti-corrosion metal.
The investment on reducing carbon emission is becoming the most critical factor determining the sustainable growth of the manufacturing industry. Carbon neutrality achieved by 2060 has been committed by the countries contributing more than 75% worldwide GDP.
There is no COVID-19 vaccination without those sterile rubber stoppers which seal each high-purity vaccine vial. These stoppers are being manufactured on special presses designed by Jing-Day Hydraulic Presses. In this year, suppliers of the international pharmaceutical industry awarded Jing-Day with a lot of order of these stopper presses.
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One thing that makes blow molding so great are its endless applications. In fact, plastic products are everywhere, making it clear how incredibly useful this material is in modern life. However, in today’s world, the production of these products is not just a matter of their unit price, quality, or visual appearance; customers and end users also care about their sustainability, and they care a lot.
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