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Optimized Blown Film Technology: Keys to Sustainable Packaging
Optimized Blown Film Technology: Keys to Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is a necessity more than a trend, for both environmental and economic sustainability today. As one of the main carriers of packaging film production, blown film extrusion technology must keep evolving to meet the market requirements. POLYSTAR's blown film extruders are designed to be operationally stable and easy to use. Additionally, by optimizing extrusion screws and die heads, our machines empower manufacturers to adopt sustainable materials like recycled pellets, and CaCo3.  Let’s take a closer look into how POLYSTAR develops its blown film extrusion machine technology to better contribute to eco-friendly packaging!


Essential Types of Plastic Recycling Machines for Efficient Waste Management

Plastic recycling is essential for addressing the waste crisis and reducing environmental impact. Beyond waste reduction and resource conservation, a significant advantage is the substantial decrease in carbon emissions achieved by diverting plastic from landfills and incineration. Recycling processes inherently involve lower energy usage, resulting in decreased carbon emissions. To enhance efficiency and maximize environmental benefits, integrating advanced technologies like plastic recycling machines, including Plastic Extruders, Shredders and Granulators, Plastic washing Lines, and Plastic Pelletizers are crucial. These mechanized systems automate and streamline the recycling process, making it more economically viable and scalable.

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TAIWAN KINKI: Dual Expertise in Business and Technology, Standing Out in the Vertical Injection Molding Industry with Excellence in Quality and Flexible Services

Taiwan Kinki Machinery (TKC) has established itself at the top of the vertical injection moulding industry after more than four decades of persistence, overcoming challenges under Mr Wu's command, and impeccable teamwork. Their astonishing achievements can be found in each machine they make, which is capable of extreme precision and efficiency, but more importantly, in their excellent services that successfully satisfy buyers’ demands. 

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