Recycling- Bigger Pelletizing Extruders in High Demand
Recycling- Bigger Pelletizing Extruders in High Demand

With the growing importance of recycled-based products for both rigid and flexible packaging, the demand for plastic recycling continues to increase worldwide. Recyclers are now buying multiple machines at the same time and more notably, larger-capacity machines.


GENIUS: Constantly Adjusting to Different Recycling Policies Around the World

Genius Machinery has already served a lot of recyclers around the world, even in the pandemic period. They keep the principal motivation in their mind: increasing productivity creates more benefits and infinitive possibilities in the industrial area. Connect with Genius Machinery, to let them back you up. Smart Recycling, the Genius Way.

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TAIWAN KINKI: All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine for a More Eco-friendly Future

Reviewing the whole last year, the global economy was still deeply under COVID-19’s affections. Most countries were on lockdown for better control of the spread of COVID-19 hence caused a series of effects to all industries all over the world, especially international affairs which faced huge difficulties due to the limitations.

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