High Speed T Shirt Bag Making Machine|PLAS ALLIANCE



T Shirt Bag Bag On Roll with core auto insert system - 32RTWDFA-VR-2

Plas Alliance has a variety of plastic bag on roll machines for customers to choose, and is committed to innovation and research and development. So far, it has developed a variety of bag making machines for various bag formats.


【T-Shirt Bag On Roll Making Machine Features】

  • High speed Continue feeding system available in 200/250/300rpm systems.
  • Tension-less sealing avoids sealing line pull & elongation for high-speed production.
  • Rotary Die cut by Magnetic cylinder with simple die cut blade exchange.
  • Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment.
  • Support to work for Jumbo film slitting into two separate roll with post gusset in line system by Option (or model : 36RTWDFA-VR+SLG2)
  • Equipped with LCD touch panel, easy to operate
  • Switch control to exchange bag making process without adjustment
  • Bag re-wind in roll , paper CORE insert in line automatic
  • End of Film, core auto STOP


【Machine Available System】

  • Tension-less sealing
  • T shirt bag on roll
  • Flat bag on roll
  • S type bag on roll


【Company Intro】

“PAL- Working with you to create all types of bag making automation solutions!”

Like the first companies in 1988 to create the first bottom seal bag machine started, and since then, we have been studying bag machine design, manufacturing, innovation and change with the bag, we have always kept up to date technology, continue to explore, develop more labor-saving, cost-saving bag machinery, to provide customers with a complete bag packaging solutions, growing up with customers, a business partner to create the pinnacle!