Second Life to Recycled Plastics | BoReTech



Have you wondered how PET bottles have been recycled? Where do recycled plastics go?

BoReTech is a leading company in the plastic recycling industry, who strives to solve plastic waste and give it a second life.


With more than 30 years experience in the industry, BoReTech is able to process different materials from different countries and gain know-how experiences.

Lately, BoReTech has redesigned their washing line in a smaller footprint, which is 50% less surface area compared to their standard line.


Here are four improvements of the latest washing line called ES-process PET Bottle Recycling System.

Smaller Foot Print

Convenient in Maintenance

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Quality Improvements


To be a global pioneer in the plastic recycling ingenuity, BoReTech has gradually moved towards the research, development, and design of the all-plastic recycling process.

Let's keep our environment in ecological balance and promote global sustainable development.


【Video Outline】

0:00  Reduction of Carbon Emissions

0:52  BoReTech's Plastic Recycling Solution

1:32  Journey to Plastic Recycling

3:11  Development of BoReTech

3:54  Innovation & Integration to meet food-grade demand

4:38  BoReTech PET Bottle Recycling System

5:10  ES-process PET Bottle Recycling System

7:07  Market share of BoReTech in India & Japan

8:51  Service from BoReTech

9:46  Future Development & Mission