Plastic Injection Molding Innovations and Green Solutions | KING'S SOLUTION



Livestream time: November 20th at 19: 00 (GMT +8, Taipei)

The Livestream that PRM Media Channel held with  KING'S SOLUTION CORP. with the title of Plastic Injection Molding Innovations and Green Solutions brings you new insight into the injection molding machine industry. Remember to direct your questions in the live chat section,  KING'S SOLUTION and PRM Media Channel will be replying to your questions.

What are the challenges, trends, and innovations in the injection molding industry? How to sustain after-sales services during post-pandemic? What advantages LPM (Low-Pressure Molding) brings to the manufacturers compared to Epoxy Injection Molding? Do you also have similar questions like that or would like to learn more? Then we welcome you to watch the Livestream video on November 20th at 19: 00 (GMT +8, Taipei)

00:00  Opening
02:00  "Green Solution, Machine Soulmate" Slogan
03:04  Why to customize the machines?
05:00  Customized Machine Series
06:00  Market Challenges and Successful Cases
10:38  5 Gallon PET Preform Injection Molding Solutions
12:35  Advantages of KING’S in 5 Gallon PET Preforms
16:16  Trends in Injection Molding Market
18:40  LPM Application Examples
23:00  LPM Method vs Epoxy Method
26:00  After Sales Services and Customer Relations
28:55  Message to Current and Potential Customers

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