TaipeiPLAS 2022 Live | PRM x KAOLU x PIDC



The self-media era is coming! The plastics & rubber industry not only allows specific people or professionals to learn about this area. Throughout PRM's interview videos, we convey general information from plastics & rubber industry, environmental issues and social enterprise responsibility topics.

⏰ 9/30(Fri.) 15:00 (GMT+8)
【KaoLu Enterprise】
Kao Lu Enterprises Co. Ltd., established in 1980, has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying premium quality pneumatic components such as valves, cylinders, and ancillary accessories.

【Plastics Industry Development Center | PIDC】
What's the key role that PIDC plays in Taiwan society and how they provide services to plastics manufacturers. By interviewing General Manager of Dr. Hsiao, he would share the insight of SDGs, 2050 Net Zero programme, and also provide advice to Taiwanese enterprises.