High Speed Zipper Bag Making Machine With In-Line Zipper Lamination

分類: 封切機
國家: 台灣
電話: 886-6-5783420
傳真: 886-6-5783347
聯絡人: 張總經理

Zipper bag side sealing machine is latest design to produce zipper bag / Ziploc bag / IKEA zipper bag/ grape bag/ slider zipper bag. The zipper bag side sealing machine is equipped 3 sets of servo motors to control the best tension and high speed production. The zipper bag side sealing machine is equipped in-line zipper strip sealing station.

  1. The PLC controller is made in Taiwan and very stable.
  2. The size control of Zipper Bag Side Sealing Machine is by servo motor. Made in Japan
  3. Zipper Bag Side Sealing Machine is equipped mark sensor for printed material
  4. For getting the best quality of zipper bag product, unwinding station is mount the auto tension control
  5. The individual zipper strip unwinder with motor control to get the high quality of zipper sealing quality.
  6. Ultrasonic welding is design by motor driven for highest speed production
  7. The ultrasonic welding station to crack the zipper on the edge of the bag for easy side sealing cutting.
  8. the best design of zipper bag side sealing machine, made in Taiwan
Model MGA-06Z-800D
General Machine Specifications  
Machine Dimension 11,000 (L) × 1,650 (W) × 2,250 (H) mm
Machine Weight 4,840 kg
Required power 16 kw
Machine Performance  
Feed Material PP / PE / EVA / Laminated PP
Single Layer Film Thickness (Zipper Bag) 0.04 - 0.1 mm
Effective Bag Lenght (Seeling Width) 150 - 650 mm
Output 40 - 200 pcs /min